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Who Am I

Your online payments specialist with 15 years of experience in the financial world and payments processing.

Why I Can Help You!

I am well versed in credit and debit card payments, ACH transactions, how payment processors work, and the role of payment gateways. I also understand how point-of-sale systems can help your business.

Ellen Cibula

Let me use my payments experience help you!

After a successful career as a chemical analyst helping rid the world of chemical weapons on Johnston Island, I decided I needed a change.

I decided I try computer programming, and so I got a job as a programmer.

At first, I worked with loan origination and processing. I developed systems to help with gathering client application data, processing this data, and handling amortization calculations, loan payments, and payoffs. This job gave me a good overview of working in the financial sector and working with people’s money.

I eventually moved to a job with ProPay, a subsidiary of Total Systems Service (TSYS), a large payments processor.

This job was where I learned the ins and outs of payment processing:

  • How payment processors work for both credit card and ACH payments.
  • Differences between acquiring and issuing, and acquiring and issuing banks.
  • Different types of payment entities, whether an ISO, PSP, or TPPP.

I developed systems to perform CVV and AVS verifications, connect with multiple different third-parties for risk assessment, fraud detection, and any other required process. We offered both issuing and acquiring (payments processing) for our clients. I even wrote a complete issuing service to provide a second payment rail for our issuing clients. I also connected with different payment gateways. We developed one of the first mobile credit card readers, and per requirements, we also refactored our system to handle EMV chip transactions.

In addition to credit card processing, I was heavily involved in ACH processing – NACHA files, ACH timing windows, ACH reversals, and batch processes.

As the solutions architect, I was involved in meetings with clients, vendors, C-level executives, and different departments like product, risk, and customer service.

So if you need help with processing payments and finding the best solution for your needs, please contact me.