Are you looking to update the technology at your gas station?

With digital payments becoming more and more popular, it’s important for gas stations to keep up with the times. That’s why I’ve written a blog post about the 3 best gas station POS systems for 2023 – so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. Drawing from my experience working at a payment processor, I have an insider look into what makes different POS systems stand out in terms of features and efficiency. 

Don’t get stuck using outdated technology that’s difficult to use or maintain! Take advantage of our review of these 3 great solutions, which will help ensure your customers have an easy time paying when they visit your station. Understanding how each system works will ensure you get the most value out of all its features – like loyalty programs and fuel management capabilities. 

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Best for Fuel Management

LS Retail

LS Retail logo
  • Extensive pump control from the POS
  • Multiple types of fuel sales
  • Easy fuel refunds
  • All sales from the same POS as the same transaction
  • Manage tank status information
  • Wet stock (fuel) inventory management
Best for Multiple Locations


Verifone Logo
  • Supports 64 fueling positions
  • All-in-one POS system
  • Self-service checkout kiosks, self-service food-ordering kiosks, POS systems with integrated site control
  • Cloud management tools for back office tools
  • Collect and transmit cigarette and tobacco products sale

Here are my top picks for the best gas station POS systems.

1. LS Retail
2. Verifone
3. Petrosoft SmartPOS

Here are the criteria that are important when choosing a gas station POS:

  • Site controller solutions (fueling stations)
  • In-store POS
  • Self-service kiosks for food
  • Payment devices (POS)
  • Fuel management features (fuel tank status, wet stock inventory management, fuel distribution)

What Are the Best Gas Station POS?

Here is my reviewed list of the best gas station POS systems.

Best for fuel management
LS Retail logo
A single software solution to drive forward your multi-faceted operation

LS Retail

One-stop gas station software solution

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile POS system for your gas station, LS Retail should be on your list. This system offers an all-in-one solution for managing your gas station operations, from fuel sales to inventory and employee management and everything in between. With LS Retail, you can easily manage and track fuel levels, set up promotions, and offer loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back. 

The integrated payment processing allows for fast and secure transactions, while the real-time data analysis capabilities give you insights into sales trends and inventory levels. 

Whether you’re running a single gas station or a chain of them, the LS Retail gas station POS system is a smart investment for improving efficiency and increasing profits.

Top Features

LS Retail gas station POS
  • Extensive pump control from the POS (authorize, pause, stop, lock, and unlock all pumps)
  • Multiple types of fuel sales (post-pay, pre-pay, and preset)
  • Easy fuel refunds if customers pumped less fuel than they paid for
  • All sales (fuel, food, or store items) from the same POS as the same transaction
  • Manage tank status information, such as fuel level, temperature, and water level
  • Wet stock (fuel) inventory management
  • Easy-to-manage, scheduled fuel prices for different days or different times of the day.
  • On-premise or cloud POS solutions available
  • Can integrate with existing ERP systems
  • In-depth reporting
  • Full food service functionalities

LS Retail Pros

  • All-in-one solution for managing fuel sales, employee management, and inventory
  • Easy management of fuel levels and promotion programs
  • Automatic wet stock replenishing
  • Integrated payment processing for fast and secure transactions
  • Real-time data analysis capabilities for sales trends and inventory levels
  • Can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business

LS Retail Cons

  • Initial setup and installation can be expensive and time-consuming
  • Technical issues can cause delays or downtime
  • Requires a third-party payment processor


LS Retail’s pricing model for their gas station POS system is based on a subscription basis, where customers pay a monthly fee for access to the system. The subscription cost varies depending on the size of the gas station, the number of locations, and the specific features required. 

LS Retail also offers add-on modules for customers who require additional functionality, such as mobile payments or digital signage.

While the subscription cost can be considered expensive compared to some other POS systems, LS Retail’s gas station POS system is known for its comprehensive features and integration capabilities, which can provide significant value to gas station owners.

You can request an estimate or request a demo on their website.

Bottom Line: Ellen’s Take

If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one, flexible solution for your gas station management needs, LS Retail may just be the ideal gas POS system for you. This system is designed to streamline fuel sales, employee management, and inventory tracking, and offers integrated payment processing while providing real-time data analysis capabilities to keep you up to speed on sales trends and inventory levels. 

The ability to customize the system to fit your specific business needs also offers you greater control and flexibility. While there may be some initial implementation costs, LS Retail can ultimately save you both time and money, making it a smart investment in the long run. 

If you’re looking for a system that can manage fuel levels and promotions programs with ease while providing robust features, then LS Retail should be a top choice to enhance your operations and customer experience.

Best for Multiple Locations
Verifone logo
Powerful solutions to help grow your C-store business


With over 35 years of experience, Verifone is synonymous with innovation, and its gas station point-of-sale system is no exception. This robust system provides customers seamless checkout experience while also streamlining operations for gas station managers. 

The Verifone fuel station POS system does everything from accepting many different payment methods, including chip-enabled cards and mobile payments, to managing inventory, tracking fuel sales, and monitoring employee activity. Plus, with real-time reporting and insights, owners can make data-driven decisions that increase profits and customer satisfaction. 

The Commander system integrates the POS systems, site controllers, food service solutions, and payment devices into one seamless solution.

So whether you run a small, family-run gas station or manage a large chain, the Verifone gas station POS system is a smart investment that will help take your business to the next level.

Top Features

Verifone gas station POS
  • Verifone Commander Site controller solutions support 64 single-dispenser fueling positions and integrate up to 36 workstations
  • POS systems, site controllers, food service solutions, and payment devices all integrated together
  • In-store solutions include self-service checkout kiosks, self-service food-ordering kiosks, POS systems with integrated site control
  • Verifone BackOffice – cloud management tools with access to daily reporting, sales insights, scan data, and inventory tracking
  • Collect and transmit cigarette and tobacco products sales, enabling rebates and multipack discounts from the manufacturers
  • EMV-ready and PCI-compliant software
  • PCI-approved payment devices
  • In-store POS purpose-built for convenience stores
  • Food service kiosks include kitchen management systems
  • Verifone C-Site Management – remotely update and configure data for POS system
  • Verifone Online Ordering – makes your food service more accessible
  • Payment Gateways provide PCI-compliant secure transaction processing solutions with fast, scalable payments infrastructure
  • Advanced Payment Methods (Alipay, Klarna, PayPal, Venmo, WeChat, and cryptocurrencies) available
  • Car wash management available

Verifone Pros

  • Manage up to 64 pumps
  • Acceptance of multiple payment methods including contactless payments
  • Streamlines inventory management and fuel sales tracking
  • Provides real-time reporting and insights for smart business decisions
  • Enhances customer checkout experience
  • 24/7 support

Verifone Cons

  • Initial setup and installation can be expensive
  • Must use Verifone hardware
  • Non-transparent pricing
  • Technical issues can cause delays or downtime
  • Reported issues with the system’s interface and user-friendliness
  • Contract required for payment processing


It’s difficult to give you specific pricing information for the Verifone gas station POS system as costs vary based on multiple factors. Your best bet would be to contact Verifone directly for more detailed pricing information. 

However, remember that this system is an investment, and its features can lead to increased profits and time savings in the long run. With streamlined operations, real-time insights, and an enhanced customer experience, investing in the Verifone gas station POS system may be worth it for your business.

Bottom Line: Ellen’s Take

I recommend the Verifone gas station POS system due to its ability to seamlessly integrate all of the components needed for efficient gas station operations. From accepting a range of payment methods, including contactless payments, to managing inventory and tracking fuel sales, this system does it all. 

What’s more, real-time reporting and insights provide business owners with the information they need to make informed decisions. By bringing all these components into one seamless solution, the Verifone gas station POS system can improve efficiency and save costly time.

Our Pick
Petrosoft logo
Keep Your Gas Station Flowing


Petrosoft’s gas station POS system is an all-encompassing solution designed to make gas station management a breeze. The system offers many features, including inventory control and real-time reporting. 

Moreover, it has cloud-based back-office software, POS hardware, and quick server systems – all of which are features of convenience store pos systems. These provide business owners with exceptional control over their operations. 

Although it does not offer forecourt or fuel controller systems, it can integrate with 50+ payment processors and forecourts. However, it does offer fuel distribution management software for commercial fuel customer accounts. The system’s exceptional customer support and intuitive interface make it an excellent choice for convenience stores and food service outlets as well. 

If you’re looking for a gas station POS system equipped with advanced features to streamline your operations, Petrosoft’s gas station POS system is a top contender.

Top Features

Petrosoft Gas Station POS
  • Secure, online transparency in your gas station payments
  • CStoreOffice – cloud-based back-office software
  • Loss Prevention Analytics to prevent, detect, resolve, and correct theft and shrink
  • POS solutions include QwickServe, SmartPOS, C-Store Office, and Loss Prevention Analytics
  • Data Processing Services add-on to process invoices in 24 hours
  • Scan Data add-on for tobacco promotions and rebates
  • SmartPOS integrates with 50+ payment processors and forecourts (not part of the system)
  • Fuel Central Software – cloud-based fuel distribution management software to manage fuel orders

Petrosoft Pros

  • Integrates with 50+ payment processors and forecourts
  • Offers cloud-based back-office software, POS hardware, and quick-serve systems
  • Seamless integration with other Petrosoft applications like the back office management and scan data
  • Comprehensive inventory control through real-time tracking and reporting
  • Lottery ticket sales
  • Exceptional customer support and easy-to-use user interface

Petrosoft Cons

  • Not an all-in-one system (no forecourt/fuel controller)
  • Not all features are standard (add-ons)
  • Initial installation and setup costs can be expensive
  • Petrosoft’s software may be technically overwhelming
  • Some reports of intermittent incompatibility issues when integrating to existing systems


Petrosoft Pricing

Petrosoft does list their subscriptions and hardware prices on their website.

Software Subscriptions

  • C-Store Office subscription: $269/month
  • Retail 360 subscription: $199/month
  • Loss Prevention Analytics subscription: $49/month
  • Scan Data subscription: $29/month
  • QwickServe Pro subscription: $99/month
  • Data Processing Service subscription: $159


  • SmartPOS 129: free
  • SmartPOS – POSBank Apexa G: $2,349
  • SmartPOS – POSBank Apexa Prime: $2,999
  • QwickServe Self-service Ordering Terminal: $1,199
  • QwickServe Order Manager Display: $999
  • Scan Data Loyalty: $15/month

Bottom Line: Ellen’s Take

Petrosoft’s all-in-one functionality and cloud-based back-office software make it easy to manage fuel sales, inventory, and real-time reporting. While the system does not include forecourt or fuel controller solutions, it offers Fuel Central software to manage fuel distribution. 

The system also integrates with over 50 payment processors and forecourt systems, facilitating seamless transactions. Additionally, the Petrosoft gas station POS system is user-friendly, and its exceptional customer service makes it easy to adapt to the software, even for non-technical individuals. 

While there may be some concerns with the initial implementation costs and navigating through the numerous features, the advantages are compelling, making it an exceptional choice for businesses to streamline operations and increase profits.

What is a Gas Station POS System?

A gas station POS system needs to cover both in-store and forecourt areas of a gas station.

These systems need to handle different pricing structures by grade of petroleum products and geographical region, safety mechanisms at the pump, kitchen and menu management, and integration of the POS with the fueling pumps and back office. All of these functions (retail management, food service, and filling station) need to work seamlessly together.

These gas station POS systems should include POS Systems, site controllers, food service solutions, and payment devices.

Because gas stations are required to accept chip cards, these systems need to be EMV-ready and PCI-compliant.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Yes, gas stations use POS systems. These systems consist of business software for running the convenience store, food service kiosks, kitchen systems, payment devices, site controllers to communicate with the fuel pumps, fuel dispensers, and fuel management systems.

The forecourt is the area of a gas station where customers can fill up their vehicles with fuel. It typically includes the fuel pumps, fuel dispensers, and other equipment necessary for refueling vehicles. The area is often paved and features markings or signs to help safely guide drivers into and out of the fueling area. In addition to fuel, some forecourts may also offer other amenities such as car washes, vacuum stations, and air pumps.

A convenience store point of sale (POS) system is a computerized system designed to streamline transactions and improve operational efficiency at convenience stores. It is a software application that:

  • manages sales data and inventory
  • provides real-time updates
  • tracks sales and revenue
  • can manage employee schedules and timesheets. 

A convenience store POS system is essential for businesses that sell products with high turnover rates, such as snacks, beverages, and gasoline, allowing for efficient processing of large volumes of transactions and payments. The system typically includes a touch screen, cash register, and barcode scanner for easy sales data recording, tracking, and analysis.


In conclusion, investing in the right POS system can make all the difference for gas stations. We’ve discussed the top three gas station POS systems that can help increase efficiency while saving time and money.

From state-of-the-art software options to easy-to-use hardware, each gas station POS system we’ve looked at is designed to improve the customer experience while maximizing sales and revenue.

With one of these POS systems, businesses can streamline operations and make processing transactions quick and seamless.

So, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a new player in the industry, consider one of the three best gas station POS systems, and start taking your business to new heights today!

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