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Do you need to take payments from your customers but need a merchant account?

Easy Pay Direct offers the best rates in the industry for high-risk customers. They work with all businesses, including online, brick-and-mortar, and mobile companies.

You can start taking payments immediately using their secure payment gateway, which lets you know your customer’s data is protected.

I’ve spent many years working at a large payment processor. Based on my experience, I decided to dig into Easy Pay Direct in-depth. Read my full Easy Pay Direct review below.

Easy Pay Direct Summary

Easy Pay Direct logo

Easy Pay Direct has comprehensive payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes, making it a popular choice among merchants. Whether you need to accept credit card payments for online orders, process recurring payments within your billing system, or find a high-risk merchant account provider, Easy Pay Direct can help. 

With its reliable processing systems and innovative technology that ensures secure transactions, this company streamlines the debit and credit card payment process while keeping fraud in check. Allowing customers to pay seamlessly and quickly with multiple payment options helps to create positive customer experiences and drives more sales. 

Ultimately, Easy Pay Direct is an essential service offering easy and safe payment solutions to make your business run smoother.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Offer merchant accounts for many high-risk businesses

EPD Gateway

Gateway packed with features

Transaction Routing

Load balances multiple merchant accounts

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

250+ Shopping Cart Integrations

Multiple shopping cart integrations

Easy to Integrate API 

Multiple integration methods

Overall Rating:

4.6 / 5

Easy Pay Direct Pros

  • Offers merchant accounts to many business types and sizes
  • Transparent Fees
  • Interchange plus pricing
  • Multiple Integration Paths

Easy Pay Direct Cons

  • Security reserve may be required
  • $99 setup fee

Starts at $29.99/month

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What Customers Think of Easy Pay Direct

I am applying my experience working at a large payment processor to write this review; I have yet to use Easy Pay Direct. However, I have discussed Easy Pay Direct with a friend who switched from Stripe to Easy Pay Direct for their business that sells courses. They had their Stripe account froze for 6 months with no warning. So they switched to Easy Pay Direct and have had no problems since.

I consolidated information from Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, and Google reviews.

Trustpilot reviews

Easy Pay Direct Trustpilot reviews
Easy Pay Direct Trust Pilot Reviews

The Easy Pay Direct reviews on Trustpilot have improved drastically since I initially wrote this review. Seventeen reviews give an average 4.1-star rating. The majority of these are 5-star reviews. The new reviews are mostly positive.

There is no common thread for the 1-star Easy Pay Direct complaints. Some are poorly written, making it difficult to determine the actual complaint. Easy Pay Direct has since answered some of these reviews, and it appears that the reviewers were with confused or lying about having an Easy Pay Direct account.

Better Business Bureau

Easy Pay Direct BBB Reviews
Easy Pay Direct BBB Reviews

The BBB has not accredited Easy Pay Direct. However, they do have an A+ rating with zero complaints. This has not changed since my original review written in early 2023.

Google Reviews

Easy Pay Direct Google Reviews

There are 26 reviews of Easy Pay Direct on Google, giving them an average 4.5-star rating. Of these easy pay direct reviews, three are a 1-star, one 4-star, and 22 5-star reviews. Several of these reviews do not have a description, just the star rating. Easy Pay Direct has not answered any of these reviews.

What is Easy Pay Direct?

Easy Pay Direct home page
Easy Pay Home Page

Easy Pay Direct is an online payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept online payments, including credit cards and eChecks, securely. With its cutting-edge technology, Easy Pay Direct provides a user-friendly and secure way for businesses to manage all aspects of their payment operations, from setting up payment accounts and collecting payments to running reports and analyzing data.

Like PaymentCloud, Easy Pay Direct has a range of features designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses. Easy Pay Direct is the ideal solution for companies looking for reliable, easy-to-use payment solutions, including check and credit card processing.

What Businesses are Served by Easy Pay Direct?

Easy Pay Direct are payment processors and merchant account providers who specialize in providing secure payment gateways for high-risk clients. They offer an array of solutions to ensure you have the safest and most reliable payment processing capabilities, allowing you to accept payments from a variety of sources quickly, securely, and with minimal hassle.

Easy Pay Direct offers different merchant accounts, depending on what type of merchant you are. They have in-house sales agents that can help you get your merchant account set up and ready to process.

Enterprise merchant accounts

Easy Pay Direct has Enterprise Solutions designed with your unique needs in mind. Depending on how you manage payments internally and interact with customers, Easy Pay Direct will tailor their custom solutions for optimal performance. With Easy Pay Direct, you’ll get the perfect solution for your business – no matter how large or small.

Here are the features of Easy Pay Direct’s Enterprise Solutions:

  • Interchange plus pricing explicitly designed for enterprise
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom integrations
  • Certified payment specialists
  • Worldwide payments

Retail credit card processing

Here are the features of Easy Pay Direct’s retail (in-store) processing:

  • Interchange plus pricing
  • Tablet POS systems
  • Smartphone payments (Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay)
  • EMV compliant
  • Merchant advances and loans

Mobile Merchants

Are you running service vehicles? Trade shows? Boutiques? Live events? Art fairs? If so, then Easy Pay Direct’s mobile payments solution might be for you. You can use either a smartphone app or a wireless terminal.

Easy Pay Direct smart phone and wireless terminals info
Easy Pay Direct Mobile Solutions

High-Risk Merchants

Easy Pay Direct has extensive expertise in providing high-risk merchant accounts and reliable payment solutions to high-risk businesses, allowing them to operate smoothly and securely.

Here is a list of the high-risk businesses that Easy Pay Direct works with:

  • Adult Industry
  • Alcohol
  • Auctions
  • Backup
  • Bad Credit
  • Canadian
  • Cannabis/marijuana
  • Churches
  • Continuity and Subscription
  • Collection agency
  • Credit Repair
  • Dental
  • Ecommerce
  • E-cig/e-liquid
  • Enterprise
  • Gaming
  • Gun-friendly
  • Healthcare
  • Kratom
  • Multilevel marketing
  • Nonprofits
  • Nutraceutical
  • Property Management
  • Restaurant
  • Salons
  • Small Business
  • Tech Support
  • Telemedicine
  • Timeshare
  • Travel
  • Wholesale

CBD Merchants

  • Supports CBD merchant accounts in US and Canada with no minimum volume requirements
  • Approvals take 7 – 14 days
  • Startup CBD businesses need to have sound financial backing or success with another business
  • May require a reserve
  • Merchant account, bank account, and business must all be in the same country (either the United States or Canada)
  • Can sell CBD and other products on the same site
  • Ingestible and topical CBD products
  • Hemp-based CBD products only
  • Provide support for setting up your POS system

What benefits does Easy Pay Direct provide?

High-Risk merchant accounts

Easy Pay Direct offers merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. Their high-risk specialists will be able to work with your business to give you the payment processing solution that you need.

Easy Pay Direct high risk business info
High risk payment processing with Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct also offers CBD merchant accounts with no minimum volume requirement.

EPD Gateway

Easy Pay Direct provides a secure and reliable payment processing solution with its proprietary Easy Pay Direct Gateway (EPD Gateway). Users can use their own merchant account or acquire one from Easy Pay Direct, allowing for multiple merchant accounts and ensuring that payment processing is always available.

The EPD Gateway offers the following features:

  • Fraud scrubbing technology
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Ban customers by IP, card number, amount
  • Multicurrency support

Transaction Routing

Easy Pay Direct’s transaction routing technology makes it easy to securely and quickly complete transactions with minimal effort. It automatically routes each transaction to the most appropriate payment processor based on availability, reliability, and cost. This routing helps to ensure transaction accuracy while keeping processing fees low.

Easy Pay Direct’s transaction routing technology allows you to integrate multiple merchant accounts into one point of contact with the gateway, with the ability to distribute and process payments securely and automatically. This consolidated approach reduces complexity and processing costs while providing reliable transactions every time.

Mobile Payments

Easy Pay Direct offers a mobile payment solution that is fast and secure. Customers can use the system to quickly transact on their smartphones or tablets, with access to the most up-to-date technology for protecting their data. The solution also allows customers to manage all their payment information in one place, making it easy to track payments and stay organized.

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Online and mobile reporting in one place
  • USB and mobile swipe devices

250+ Shopping Cart Integrations

Easy Pay Direct offers over 250 shopping cart integrations, allowing customers to process transactions quickly and securely. Moreover, customers benefit from their Authorize.Net emulator and comprehensive reporting capabilities, which provide transparency and peace of mind.

Easy to Integrate API

Easy Pay Direct’s API makes integrating the platform into your existing business systems easy. The straightforward and unintimidating interface allows developers to quickly set up the necessary connections and start processing payments in no time.

Easy Pay Direct also offers robust documentation, complete with sample codes for various programming languages that merchants can use to customize its features further. In addition, support is always available through Easy Pay Direct’s customer service team.

Easy Pay Direct Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Easy Pay Direct ensures you get the most competitive and flexible pricing plans to help your business scale. Customers can save on higher-value transactions with discounts and features like invoicing and recurring payments. Moreover, each merchant account type has its customized interchange plus pricing, but everything is transparent with no early termination fee.

Easy Pay Direct online pricing
Easy Pay Direct online pricing

Here are their online rates:

  • One-time setup fee: $99 (online only)
  • Monthly rate: $29.99
  • Swiped card rate (CP): 1.59% + $0.17 per transaction
  • Online card rate (CNP): 2.44% + $0.29 per transaction
  • ACH/eCheck rate: 1.6% + $0.29 per transaction
Easy Pay Direct CBD Pricing
Easy Pay Direct CBD Pricing

Here are the fees for CBD processing:

  • US and Canadian Merchants
    • $29.99 per month
    • 2.50% + 0.25 per transaction (rates vary by volume)
    • Gateway provided

Easy Pay Direct Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Easy Pay Direct, including PaymentCloud, Durango Merchant Services, and PayKings. Looking for a kratom merchant account? PayKings are one of the premier payment processing solutions for kratom merchants, offering PayKings kratom merchant accounts.

Conclusion – Is Easy Pay Direct Worth It?

Overall, Easy Pay Direct is an excellent choice for businesses looking for secure and reliable payment solutions. Easy Pay Direct offers solutions for all businesses, whether high-risk, enterprise organizations or mobile food trucks. They have transparent interchange plus fees with no early termination fee.

The comprehensive reporting feature makes it easy to track payments and stay organized, while its robust API allows developers to integrate the platform into their existing business systems quickly. With cutting-edge security measures in place, customers can trust that their data will be safe when transacting on Easy Pay Direct’s platform. These features make Easy Pay Direct an excellent investment for any business looking to streamline online payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Easy Pay Direct is a legitimate payment processing platform. It is a trusted and secure platform that makes online payments easy and efficient for businesses. Easy Pay Direct utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of your customers’ data and provides robust features, including fraud protection, reporting, and analytics. With its reliable and user-friendly interface, Easy Pay Direct is an excellent choice for businesses looking for secure payment solutions.

Easy Pay Direct is a reliable payment processing platform. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of your customer’s data and also provides features such as fraud protection, reporting, and analytics. In addition, easy Pay Direct is certified PCI compliant by global payment gateway providers, so you can rest assured that your payments are secured. With its user-friendly interface and secure infrastructure, Easy Pay Direct is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable payment solutions.

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