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Struggling to get approved for a payment processing account?

PayKings knows it can be challenging to find a merchant account provider to approve your business. That’s why they’re here – to help you get the best payment processing solutions for your business.

With their high-risk merchant accounts, you can process payments with ease and peace of mind. Plus, their international banking solutions make it easy to do business all over the world.

I know how difficult it is to get a merchant account provider for credit card processing, especially if you are a high-risk business. So I wrote this PayKings review to help you decide if PayKings is right for you.

PayKings Summary

PayKings Logo

PayKings Merchant Payments is a payment processing platform that offers merchants convenient, secure, and reliable options to accept payments. With support for all major credit and debit cards, as well as alternative payment methods such as gift cards, e-wallets, and more, PayKings Merchant Payments gives you the flexibility you need to meet your customers’ needs.

Whether setting up recurring payments or simply processing one-off transactions, the comprehensive suite of credit card processing solutions helps you get the job done quickly and securely—allowing for a seamless customer experience.

With features like automatic reconciliation and real-time updates, PayKings Merchant Payments provides the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition.

High-Risk Merchants

Approves hard-to-place merchants

Multiple Payment Methods

E-Commerce, MOTO, Retail and Swipe, Mobile, Credit Card, ACH Payments

PayKings High-Risk Payment Gateway

PCI-DSS Level 1, white-label platform, feature packed

International Merchants

Offshore and Canadian

Anti-Fraud Features

3-D Secure, iSpyFraud, Chargeback Prevention Services

Multiple Terminals Offered

EMV, Swipe, Mobile, Signature Capture

Overall Rating:

4.3 / 5

PayKings Pros

  • Loans repayments with debit cards
  • Fraud protection
  • International accounts
  • Cash Discount and Surcharge Fee programs

PayKings Cons

  • Minimum volume requirements
  • Pricing details only available with a quote
  • Merchant account broker
  • Some poor reviews

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What are Others Saying About PayKings?

I do not have firsthand experience with PayKings, but I have based this review on my payment processing knowledge.

What Customers are Saying…
  • Easy, painless setup
  • Exceptional service, knowledge, and quick response
  • Professionals with experience in a difficult industry
  • Helpful, informative, and amazing customer service
  • Valuable partner for businesses and merchants
  • Unprofessional company that couldn’t give an idea of rates
  • Never settled outstanding balance
  • Horrible phone customer service

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot reviews of PayKings

The reviews of PayKings on Trustpilot are abysmal. 8 reviews, 2 are positive, and the other 6 are negative. Many complain that PayKings is a scam. That is not true, but you must understand the intricacies of getting high-risk payment processing.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

BBB Reviews of PayKings

The Better Business Bureau has not accredited PayKings. There are no current complaints, and of the 3 reviews, 2 are positive.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews PayKings

The reviews on Google are mostly positive, but beware — 3 of the reviews appear to be from employees, which manipulates the rating. Omitting these 3 employee reviews drops the rating to 4.2 stars.

Who are PayKings?

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, PayKings was started in 2011 by Kyle Hall. They provide:

They are not a true payment processor per se, but a payment facilitator – they provide merchant account services and help you find payment gateway providers.

What Businesses are Served by PayKings?

PayKings offers merchant account solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large B2B clients, including those with processing volumes of $20,000 – $100,000,000+ per month.

They specialize in high-risk businesses and are well-equipped to provide eCommerce stores with the ability to accept payments online. PayKings can also provide credit card processing for CBD businesses and other high-risk companies.

They offer payment processors for businesses that need secure and reliable payment solutions.

  • Small businesses to B2B clients.
  • High-risk industries
  • ECommerce store to accept online payments
  • CBD Merchant account and other high-risk merchant
  • Credit card processing

What Benefits Does PayKings Provide?

Paykings is a powerful payments solution that provides businesses with an alternative to PaymentCloud. Here are my favorite benefits of using PayKings:

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

PayKings list of high-risk merchants

PayKings Merchant Payments offers high-risk merchant accounts to a variety of industries:

  • Adult
  • Airlines and Booking
  • Auto Warranties
  • Background Checks
  • Bad Credit
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Opportunities
  • CBD Oil
  • Coins and Collectibles
  • Continuity Billing
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Repair
  • Dating
  • Debt Collections
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Firearms
  • Gentleman’s Clubs
  • Government Grants
  • Health and Beauty
  • High-ticket Coaching
  • Male Enhancement
  • Memberships
  • Marketing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online Gaming
  • Pawn Shops
  • Pay-Day Lenders
  • Skin and Hair Care
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Travel
  • Vape
  • Web Design/SEO

PayKings offers safe and dependable payment options designed to meet the unique needs of different industries. They use top-notch security measures and risk management techniques. Additionally, PayKings has affordable rates and fast processing speeds. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Do you want to accept mobile payments? Expand your credit card processing solutions? Accept debit cards? PayKings provides comprehensive payment methods tailored to high-risk merchant needs. This is an excellent benefit because it allows you to accept customer payments the way they want to pay.

With PayKings, you can experience the convenience and reliability of multiple payment gateways, including E-Commerce, MOTO, Retail and Swipe, Mobile, Credit Card, and ACH Payments.

All these options enable you to receive payments securely. Also, you have access to the latest advances in technology.

PayKings High-Risk Payment Gateway

PayKings Gateway Services

Paykings’ high-risk payment gateway is designed to facilitate fast, secure transactions for businesses in high-risk industries.

Here are the many features that their gateway offers:

  • Multiple MID support
  • Open API for shopping cart integration
  • Quick-click button generator
  • Inventory manager
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Authorize.net
  • NMI Payment gateway
  • Customer vault
  • Export to QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks SyncPay
  • ACH Processing
  • Level II and III processing; level II built int, extra $30/month for Level III
  • Swipe and Chip POS devices
  • Mobile processing (extra $5 per month)
  • Multiple gateway integration
  • Recurring billing

International Merchant Accounts

PayKings offers international merchant accounts to both offshore and Canadian businesses.

  • Offshore and Canadian accounts
  • 20+ proven bank relationships
  • Medium/high-risk accounts
  • E-commerce and retail options
  • B2B vendors supported

Anti-Fraud Services

PayKings Merchant Payments offers a range of fraud prevention features to protect you from fraudulent activity. This is one of my favorite features of PayKings. These services are essential because the risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks is rising. To combat this increased fraud, players in the payments industry like PayKings are increasing their anti-fraud services.

  • With 3-D Secure, you can require customers to enter additional information when making payments, such as a One-Time Password (OTP) or Security Code, for added security.
  • iSpyFraud helps identify and prevent suspicious activity before it occurs by providing real-time analytics and alerts.
  • Their Chargeback Prevention Service allows for faster detection of potential chargebacks and reduces time spent dealing with disputes. Be sure to enable Address Verification System (AVS) checks to identify and handle AVS mismatches, which helps protect businesses from potential fraudulent transactions.

Multiple Terminals Offered

PayKings offers a variety of point-of-sale terminals to facilitate payments for businesses.

  • EMV – a chip and PIN device with enhanced security and protection against fraud
  • Swipe – card-reader machines that provide quick, easy credit card payment processing
  • Mobile – app-based payment solution for on-the-go businesses
  • Signature Capture – a secure system that captures customers’ signatures at the point of sale.

All terminals offer reliable, secure payment solutions with fast transaction speeds.

PayKings Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

PayKings offers competitive rates — their rates start at 2.49%. However, mid-qualified and non-qualified rates can be higher. Credit card processing fees are typically two cents per transaction. PayKings also offers cash discount processing, which allows merchants to charge up to a 4% surcharge to cover the cost of the processing fees.

Here are some other fees that they may charge:

Because of the many variables in high-risk processing, it is difficult to list the exact fees that PayKings charges. However, you can get a merchant account quote from PayKings, including customized fees and pricing. 

  • High-Risk Merchant Account Rates start at 2.49% (usually range from 2%-5%)
  • Mobile processing – extra $5 per month
  • Level III processing – extra $30 per month
  • PCI Compliance Fee – about $4.50
  • Free Application and Setup Fees

PayKings offers several different credit card and mobile POS systems. These terminals range from $49.99 – $574.99.

  • EMV-Capable Encrypted USB Smart Terminal – $274.99
  • EMV-Capable Encrypted USB Smart Terminal with Signature Capture – $574.99
  • iPS Enterprise Encrypted Mobile Reader – $49.99
  • Encrypted USB PC Card Reader (HID) – $99.99
  • Encrypted USB PC Card Reader (KEY EMU) – $99.99
  • Encrypted USB Keypad/Card Reader Combo – $109.99

Merchant Account 101 from PayKings provides information about the payment processing ecosystem, rates and fees, and how to find payment solutions.

Once you receive your quote, all fees are transparent, so you won’t be hit with any hidden fees or surprises.

PayKings Alternatives

There are several PayKings alternatives, especially for high-risk merchants: PaymentCloud, EasyPay Direct, and Durango Merchant Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PayKings works with Shopify. However, if you are a high-risk merchant, you may not be able to use Shopify as your processing gateway.

high-risk merchant account is a type of merchant account that allows businesses to accept payments from customers who are perceived as higher risk due to the company or industry in which they operate. High-risk merchants often have to pay higher transaction fees than other types of businesses. Also, they may be subject to additional restrictions on processing payments.

high-risk merchant processor is a payment processing service that provides services to businesses deemed higher risk, such as those in the adult entertainment, gambling, and hemp industries. Merchant processors specializing in high-risk processing provide secure and reliable payment solutions, understanding the specific needs of each type of business.

No, Shopify Payments is not a merchant account. Shopify Payments is a payment processor merchants use to accept payments on their Shopify stores. It is not a merchant account, which would be an account with a bank or third-party financial institution that enables businesses to accept customer payments.

Conclusion – Is PayKings Worth It?

Yes, PayKings is worth pursuing if you need to process high-risk payments. However, as with all high-risk and CBD payment processors, you must remember that this industry is challenging. You must be prepared for higher fees, a longer account-boarding process, and stricter guidelines.

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